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1. CADA Spring Party Flyer

2. 2010 CADA Chamber Music Benefit Concert

2010 CADA Chamber Music Benefit Concert
2010 CADA-Benefit Concert Sponsorship
2010 CADA Chamber Music Benefit Concert Music Program

3. House Bill 237/SB 505 (Health Care Malpractice-No economic Damages) defeated

HB 237/SB 505 (Health Care Malpractice-No economic Damages) is a very doctor and community-unfriendly bill. With a well coordinated collaborative effort among CADA and other physician organizations, this bill received an unfavorable report on March 23rd by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee therefore essentially defeating this proposal. Thank you everyone for your help and petitions in defeating this bill.


4. CADA met Senator Mikulski on March 19, 2009 in Washington D.C. to discuss ways to improve Asian American healthcare.

Issues discussed:

*Improving healthcare access for senior immigrants who hold green card less than 5 years.

Many seniors who immigrate to US are not qualified to either Medicare or Medicaid (holding greed card less than 5 years). In addition, they have a hard time to get private healthcare coverage because of their age and cost. Many of these seniors need preventive care. Without proper preventive care, these could precipitate into more costly health care issues. Congress has recently passed a Bill to waive 5 year waiting period for the children and pregnant women in Medicaid. This Bill should also extend to the seniors above 60 or 65 year old for the same reasons. These seniors will get Medicaid eventually. Thus, why do we wait for five years until a preventable disease deteriorate? Given that Congress and Senate are currently working on a Universal Healthcare Coverage Bill, it makes sense for the House and Senate to either pass a Medicaid amendment to waive the 5 year waiting period for newly immigrated seniors or include them into the new Universal Healthcare Coverage.

*Break down language and cultural barrier for Asian Americans.

More federal funding is needed for training and recruiting professional interpreters. In addition, more bilingual physicians are needed in Asian minority populated area. More linguistically competent and culturally sensitive community based healthcare models are needed to better serve Asian American community.

*Data on Asian American’s health issues are lacking. More funding are needed to study health issues involving Asian minorities in United States.

5. CADA is invited to AAPCHO’s 9th annual congressional reception on March 24th, 2009

6. Drs Dou Alvin Zhang and Bill Gai are invited to Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee.

7. CADA and BXSCC invited by Xiamen Maternal and Children Care Hospital (XMCCH) to their 50th anniversary in late April 2009

CADA and Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee (BXSCC) have been invited by Xiamen Maternal and Children Care Hospital (XMCCH) to their 50th anniversary in late April 2009. All traveling expenses are covered by XMCCH. This is a great honor for CADA and a great collaborative effort between CADA and BXSCC. CADA and BXSCC have accepted this invitation. Mr. Fontaine Bell, the Chairman of BXSCC and Dr. Dou Alvin Zhang, the CADA president, will lead a medical delegation from Baltimore City to participate this event. This delegation is composed of Dr. Dou Alvin Zhang, Dr. Lei Zheng, CADA secretary, Dr. Nancy Hueppchen, Johns Hopkins OBGYN medical student clerkship director, and Dr. Jessica Bienstock, Johns Hopkins OBGYN residency director. During this event, we will deliver a mini-symposium on various OBGYN related topics. This will provide a great opportunity for CADA to explore many other potential Sino-US medical exchanges in the future

8. Dr. Kim donates his private clinic space to Asian American Healthcare Center in March, 2009.

We are very fortunate that Dr Kim, a retired Korean physician, has kindly donated his clinic to AAHC. This clinic is conveniently located in Dorsey Hall professional building complex in Ellicott City. All of our volunteer physicians are now covered by FTCA insurance. With these, we are very close to the opening of this volunteer clinic. In addition, University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins medical students are going to volunteer and rotate in this clinic. At beginning, there will be a total of approximately 24 clinic days for the first year. Each clinic day covers about 5-6 hours. CADA has 15 physicians who have volunteered. All of us are in a very busy profession. CADA and Asian community appreciate a great deal of the dedication and sacrifice from our volunteer physicians. To make it more manageable, we hope we can expand our volunteer physician base to more than 24 physicians, in which, all of us can share the load by volunteering once to twice a year. If you are interested in helping out and have not applied to the FTCA yet, please feel free to contact me. This clinic is not a success without your help.

9. CADA Monthly CADA Journal Club established.

To hold high standards for our Professional Education Program, Dr. Lei Zheng has designed a Monthly CADA Journal Club. The long term goal is to transform this Journal Club into a CME credited education program. This journal club is scheduled to start in May 2009 at 9:30-10:30am in Miller Branch Library. A free hot breakfast will be provided. All families are welcome to the breakfast. While the families can do some fun staff in the library, our CADA members can get the most recent update on important medical topics. Ms Mei Du will be the administrative coordinator for this project. Please contact Dr. Zheng for more questions and suggestions.

10. BMS is going to sponsor a HBV related professional education seminar to CADA members in May

BMS is going to sponsor a HBV related professional education seminar to CADA members. This seminar is tentatively scheduled in May at Hunan Manor Restaurant in Columbia. You will be contacted concerning date and time.

11. CADA awarded $24000 education grant from Maryland Health Department

CADA has been awarded $24000 Education Grant from Maryland Health Department to promote healthcare education, healthy lifestyle and tobacco awareness in Asian communities in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. This is a small amount of money, but a huge milestone for CADA. Congratulations to all the CADA members, volunteers and partners who are involved in the grant application process. This grant will start from March 2009 and end in May 2010. Yvonne Wong, RN and Dr. Dou Alvin Zhang will supervise the progress of this grant.

12. CCOC Charity Concert scheduled in September, 2009

To help out AAHC financially in this economic downturn, Chinese Community Outreach Committee, led by Dr Yen Li from NIH, has decided to host a major charity concert among the Chinese communities in Ellicott City. All proceeds from this concert will be donated to AAHC volunteer clinic. The target is $8000-10000. This concert is tentatively scheduled in early September in Howard Community College Smith Theater. The music program will be led by Dr Christopher Shih, a CADA member, an AAHC volunteer physician and an accomplished amateur pianist. Your participation and support are greatly appreciated.

13. Annual CADA Community Service Award proposed

ADA strongly believes that sense of community service starts at young age. For this, we are proposing an Annual CADA Community Service Award to the best community service performed by our high school graduates from the local Chinese American communities.

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