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2. Asian American Healthcare Center opening house and Asian American Healthfair

Since May, 2008, CADA has been working with Asian American Healthcare Center, Inc. (AAHC) to set up the first Asian American volunteer clinic in Howard County, Maryland. This is a major collaborative effort involving CADA, AAHC, Howard County Health Department, Horizon Foundation, Howard County General Hospital, Montgomery Muslim Medical Clinic, local Chinese and Korean Communities. The mission of this project is to help Asian Americans who are uninsured and financially disadvantaged. If we succeed in Howard County, we intend to spread this model to other Counties and States.

On October 11, 2008, CADA and AAHC worked together to organize the AAHC opening house and first Asian American Healthfair in Howard County at the Bridgeway Community Church. CADA and Mr. Norman Mineta, the former US secretary of commerce and transportation, were invited to give opening remarks on the mission and significance of AAHC volunteer clinic in the AAHC opening house. Over a thousand people have attended this event and it has attracted multiple media attentions. The concept of AAHC volunteer clinic is not only well received in our communities but also from our government. In October, 2008, AAHC was invited to a White House Round Table Meeting regarding various community health initiatives. The final preparation of this clinic is underway and it is scheduled for opening in March, 2009 at Howard County Health Department.
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